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What's showing tonight?
Our current schedule can be found here:   MOVIE SCHEDULE
What are your admission prices?
Adults are $8.50  
Do you accept credit or debit cards?
We accept Visa and Master Card at the concession stand and the box office.
Is there a speed limit at the Drive In?
Yes, Our speed limit is 5mph... Please watch out for pedestrians and unexpected conditions on the drive in property.
May I park wherever I want?
Yes and NO. Each vehicle is entitled to 1 parking space. Please park close enough to the post to allow space for another vehicle to park in the space next to you. All trucks, vans, SUVs, and any vehicle higher than the standard passenger car must park next to one of the red poles towards the rear or outer perimeter of the lot. All hatches and open trunks, etc., must be tied down to the roof level of that vehicle. (Free string is available at the concession stand.) This is done at all drive ins to allow the people in regular cars to have an unobstructed view of the screen. 
What time do your movies start?
The first feature starts at dusk*.  A 15 to 25 minute intermission follows the first feature and then the second feature starts.
How big are your screens?
We are the home of one of the largest outdoor theatre screens in the USA! Our main screen is 120 feet wide. If a wider one exists anywhere, let us know. Our 3 other screens measure between 48 and 75 feet wide.
May I bring in my own food?
Outside food and beverages are restricted.
The success and continued operation of this theatre is directly connected to our concession stand sales.
Most people don't realize that the motion picture companies are now charging the theatres as much as 90% of the box office ticket sales.
For this reason, several years ago, the Winter Drive In joined with most of the other drive ins and entertainment venues across the country in restricting outside food or drinks from being consumed while on theatre property.
While we strive to provide great food and beverages at our newly renovated concession center, we understand that some of our customers still prefer to bring their own food and drinks. 


In 2006, we introduced an "OUTSIDE FOOD PERMIT" that is available at the box office. Each permit costs $5.00 per vehicle.
The permit is valid for the day of admission only, a new permit must be purchased for each visit.
This permit is one per vehicle and must be purchased at the box office as you enter the theatre.
This policy will be strictly enforced! Violators will be ejected from the drive in and future admission will be denied.
Your outside food permit may now be redeemed for $5.00 off of any concession order of $10.00 or more.  (valid date of permit sale only)
Is there a dress code?
No Shoes, No Shirt, No Service! State and local health codes require shirts and shoes to be worn to enter the concession center and restrooms. Shoes must be worn at all times while on theatre property.
Do we provide child care?
Parents: You are responsible for your children. Please keep visual contact of your children at all times!
My dog is angry. Why can't he can't come to the drive in anymore?
Sorry Rover, our insurance policies no longer allow pets of any kind.
Why are your concession prices so high?
We hear this from time to time. 
The truth is, our concession prices are about the same or lower than most other entertainment venues.
Like amphitheaters, sporting arenas, indoor movie theatres, or any other venue that presents entertainment provided by others, we must pay for the entertainment that we present.
As much as 90% of the ticket sales are paid to the studios that provide the movies.
That leaves the concession stand as the only source of income that keeps this drive-in operating.
What if I purchase something from your concession stand and it doesn't meet my expectations for freshness or quality?
We purchase top quality food products and have installed the finest cooking equipment available for the Winter Drive-In.
Our burgers and hotdogs are now char-grilled.
Our oven baked sandwiches and pizzas are baked in our modern 3 deck pizza oven.
Our fried foods are prepared in premium oils.
We've provided the finest quality ingredients and equipment for our staff to serve a great menu full of fantastic foods.
Our staff at the Winter Drive-In will be there to serve the finest and freshest food throughout the evening.
If any food item is served that does not meet our high standards of quality or freshness, we want to know about it.
Please contact us at: winterdrivein@yahoo.com
May I listen to my own music before the movie and during intermission?
We request that all radios be tuned to our radio stations. We make announcements regarding parking, correct radio frequencies for the proper movies, concessions specials, lost children, weather emergencies, etc. It is also a good idea to find the correct frequency for your movie BEFORE the movie starts rather than miss the beginning of your movie. All of our sound is broadcast on FM digital stereo. If you don't have a working FM radio in your vehicle, you will need to bring a portable FM radio to hear the movies. (most iPod or phone radio aps do not receive our radio signals properly)
May I bring lawn chairs?
Yes, they must be placed directly in front of your vehicle. Nothing should be placed beside or behind your vehicle.
May I spread out a blanket on the ground to sit on?
While this policy has apparently angered a few people,
The simple answer is NO! People have been injured at this drive-in, while sitting on blankets. For safety reasons, we do not permit people to sit on the ground in the dark where moving vehicles tend to run over them. This policy is strictly enforced!
May we come early and "tailgate" at the drive-in?
Yes, We welcome everyone to come in early, as soon as the gates open.
Remember, No grilling, open flames, fireworks, disorderly conduct, horn honking, laser pointers or visible alcoholic beverages.
What if I see someone vandalizing theatre property?
We will offer a reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of anyone caught vandalizing theatre property. A small percentage of individuals feel the need to vandalize and deface theatre property. Not only will we prosecute any and all parties involved to the fullest extent of the law, we will publish their names and any other obtainable information pertaining their arrest on our website, Twitter and Facebook pages.
I don't like the movie or it started to rain. Is it possible to get a refund?
Just like sporting events, etc we do not issue refunds. The only exception will be an event that would prevent the continued projection of the film. If such an event would occur we will issue a readmission pass.
Do you cancel shows if it rains?
Never say never, on rare occasions, if it is going to be one of those "all night" rains and we only have a car or two at show time, we may opt to refund the admission price as well as provide a complimentary pass to come back at another time.
I forgot to bring something. May I go home to get it and then come back in?
Re-admissions are not permitted. If you leave the theatre property, you must purchase another ticket to re-enter. We are checked by the film companies and we are bound by their contracts regarding admissions.
How do I find a good parking place in the dark?
Actually, you can't. That's why you should arrive at the advertised "Gates Open" time. We are always baffled as to why people come just before the movie starts and then complain to our employees that they missed the beginning of the movie because they were in the box office line at show time. Come earlier and avoid the lines!
Why do I have to turn off my headlights?
Because they are a distraction to all people who come on time and are trying to enjoy their movie. Please turn off your headlights while the movies are showing. If you drive slowly, your parking or driving lights should provide sufficient light to guide your way through the drive in. Your parking or driving lights must be turned on at all times while your vehicles are moving.
All vehicle lights must remain off during the movie. This includes exterior running board lights, etc.
May I reserve spaces for my friends?
Sorry. It's first come first serve parking. You may need to either come early or come on a slower week night in order to get a place by your friends.
Does the drive-in assume responsibility for injury or damage?
We will not be held responsible for lost or stolen items, damages to vehicles or personal property, personal injury resulting from altercations between patrons, etc.
May I book a special event or rent out the entire drive-in?
We have many options available. Send us an Email.
How late does the concession center stay open?
We announce the closing and any specials on our radio systems shortly after the last movie starts. The concession stand closes approximately 15 minutes later.
Why don't you show older movies?
It all comes down to availability and cost. The interest is too limited for most older movies to justify the high cost to obtain them.
My vehicle has automatic headlights or day time running lights and they can't be turned off.
They all can be turned off. Please check your owners manual for instructions.
I had an unpleasant experience at your drive-in. How do I let you know about it?
We have an on-site manager at every location. Please alert a theatre employee or manager of any problems that you encounter. If the on-site staff or management doesn't resolve your problem, send us an email. winterdrivein@yahoo.com
How do I advertise at the drive-in?
We have many options available including: audio spots on our pre-show radio, billboard type signs located within the drive in, hand outs or flyers, you may even rent out our marquee over the winter months. Got an idea? send us an email. winterdrivein@yahoo.com
I complained about the drive-in on Facebook. Why did you delete and block me?
We prefer to handle individual customer complaints in a reasonable one on one basis.
We will not allow anyone start an avalanche of facebook fallout fueled by misinformation because they don't like the rules that are required to properly run the drive-in or protect the safety of our customers. 
Why do you have so many rules?
The rules have become necessary to operate this or any drive in theatre. Some of the rules are due to the contractual obligations to the companies that provide the film. Some of the rules are reactionary to prevent the re-occurrence of injury or damage. And some of the rules are to ensure that the majority of our patrons can enjoy a night of great movies without distractions from other patrons.

Our employees are instructed to inform patrons of our rules and policies.

If the patron chooses not to follow our rules, they will simply be asked to leave the theatre property.

Any patron that refuses to leave the theatre property as instructed, will be considered a trespasser and will be removed and charged with trespassing by the local police.

*Dusk = as soon as it's dark enough to see an image on the screens. 
Start time may change from night to night.